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Monthly Boxes: Monthly boxes ship on or around the 15th of each month. Your first box will ship as close to the order date as possible while supplies last. Depending on inventory your first box may ship on the 15th with the rest of the monthly boxes.


$65+ worth of gear and apparel! An example of what might come in a monthly box would be a shirt or a hat from a popular hunting brand, 2-3 items of gear for you and your dog and a bag of high quality dog treats/chews. 

NOTE: You are signing up for a monthly subscription. Cards will be charged on the first of each month and following your subscription. If your order is placed in the last half of the month your card will skip 1 month. IE: Subscription order on 2/24/2021, second order date will be 4/1/2021.

Your subscription will remain valid until you pause or cancel your subscription. This can be completed my logging into your online account.

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